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Our mission is to turn difficult journeys into love filled, happiness captivated, adventures.
Join us as we embark on an...

Adventures Filled With Smuddles & Kisses

Hey Adventurer,

I’m Tracy, Aunt, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Author, Educator, and Speaker.

Welcome to my virtual home, a place where love and smuddles meet adventure, no matter how tough the adventure might be.

How Did I Get Here?

How did I get here? I’ve always been a positive thinker, a doer, had get up and go, an innate determination to make things better, even the world we live in. I’m the person who wants to make a difference. I remember when I sat at my GCSE celebration ceremony in school and the keynote speaker in the closing of his speech told us that life had three kinds of people, those who make things happen, those who let things happen and those who ask, “what just happened?”. I decided that day that I would be the person that made things happen.

But why Eva’s Adventures? You know in all my adventures to date (of which there’ve been many) I’ve noticed that the best ones, the ones that have created the biggest impact in my life and in the lives of others, are the ones that I didn’t actually plan out methodically. That said, I’ve never been one to shy away from anything, and I live by the rule that there’s nothing we can’t fix, change or make better, so I don’t shy away from anything…

Eva’s Adventures was born from that place of not shying away. Life served us lemons and we’ve decided to add some sugar to sweeten the journey. Eva’s Adventures was born out of my toughest journey yet, which led to my desire to help children and their families who are faced with some of life’s toughest battles.

I believe…

…in showing love and giving cuddles, aka smuddles, wherever you are whenever you can.

…that life is one big adventure – and although we don’t always like the path we have to explore, when we show love and share smuddles, even the toughest adventures are filled with incredible memories.

…time is precious – and your time should be reserved for those who value you, love you, respect you and care enough to make your time love filled and adventure packed.

…that you and I are more alike than you might realise – you may be one foot step behind me or maybe even one ahead, but this adventure we call life has brought us both to right here…

My story so far…

Just over 6 years ago I was in my twenties, just got engaged, happily progressing in the career I had worked for all my life, had two precious wee people in my life that were the centre of my world - and a report from the doctor changed everything - “… I’m sorry, it’s cancer.”

  • Two things happened:
  • 1. My priorities changed and the meaning of life became very clear, very quickly.
  • 2. I had an innate desire to do something, make a difference, affect change and make life better for everyone around me.

Although I didn’t get the outcome I wanted for our own wee munchkin, I certainly hope that the adventure I’m now on will affect a positive change in your life and the life of your little one.

About Eva

The most precious girl in the world entered my life in November 2008. From that moment, life as I knew it was perfect. Eva became baby sister to her big brother affectionately known as Wee Paddy, then 1-week shy of his 1st birthday. Fast forward to October 2012 when a scan at hospital led to the diagnosis of a rare brain tumour. Devastated with the diagnosis I went into adrenaline mode. My schedule was work, medical appointments, hospital, treatment, sleep, repeat.

I don’t believe I’ll ever forget the Sunday morning a few weeks into treatment when Eva’s hair came into her hand as she scratched her head. She looked up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes, the look of innocence that I believe only children possess - and with a gasp and surprised look on her face she asked me could I "... put it back in?”

At that moment I knew my life was changed forever and I would never be the same person again. I took the hair out of Eva’s hand and I sat her on the bed. Smiling at her through my heartbreak, I explained that some boys and girls have hair that goes on an adventure and this was “Eva’s hairs time to take an adventure of its own.” So, Eva’s hair now became known as ‘Hair’, a very real character in the family household!

The stark reality soon hit that there was very little available by way of children's literature which would help Eva to understand what was happening and why her hair was gone! So, my stories became very tall tales which Eva found very amusing, we loved that she could find comfort in the adventures of her Hair.

Which brings me to here and now…

Knowing how much support books like “Eva Meets Dr Mac” would have been to us throughout our own journey, I want to help you through your own pain; whilst creating a sustainable legacy fit for our gorgeous and adored girl.

I hope you will find a new courage, a new word, a new outlook, a new way of thinking which will help you as you embark on your own unique journey.

Sending love, smuddles and oodles of hope to you from me.

Yours in adventure, Tracy x

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